Rural Outsourcing

We are the world’s only Thought Process Partners” providing Unique Platform of Rural Outsourcing by helping the Rural society to take an extra step towards their own professional development. We also make sure that the involvement of Rural skilled workforce in corporate sector is more than ever before.

We provide skill based training to build a Major platform of Rural Outsourcing. Majority of the work is done by the Rural talent however where they need assistance our global experts pitch in. We are the first and only one till date in India to do Rural Outsourcing in Research Analytics and Content creation area

Along with this, our global experts help our clients not only in research requirements but also in taking an extra step to understand and refine their current thought process. With this, we also aim of solving complex business challenges.

As a thought partner, we always try to help our clients in providing the best-in-class thoughts and ideas from global industry experts. Our approach is driven by the best practices across the fastest growing companies globally. Our solutions are customizable based on our client requirements.

Through Rural Outsourcing we are working towards Prime Ministers vision:

Our Approach

Through various government and non-government programmes we do skill development in rural areas which helps in creating a platform for low cost Rural Outsourcing.

Through our Rural Outsourcing centres, we support organizations in various non-core activities including Research Analytics and content creation and translation.

Although Rural Outsourcing has a lot of short term challenges initially but on the on the other hand it provides you a stable high-quality work force and that too at a very low cost

By allowing us to serve you will also help you in achieving your CSR commitments. Rural Outsourcing is not serving your work needs however at the same time it is empowering the society

Biggest Challenge and How Rural Outsourcing can help:

Rural Outsourcing Services:

Content Building

Content Building through Rural Outsourcing is one of the Core Practices of our Company. Our approach is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience which ultimately results to high business Profits.

Our Company promises to provide High End Content Marketing which is covered under Rural Outsourcing Dimensions.

Business Research

Through Rural Outsourcing we provide research service by which we help companies in data capturing and analyses it in order to better manage the Organization.

Our Business research services through Rural Outsourcing include

  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Consumer feedback Capturing
  • Product research and Pricing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Churn Management
  • Knowledge Management Services

Data Translation

Data Translation is the need of the Modern Era. Understanding the fact that Data Translation can be easily as well as cheaply processed by Rural Outsourcing. We provide Complete Manual Content and Data Translation through Experienced and Trained Professionals from Rural Areas. Through Rural Outsourcing we have the best quality Hindi speaking and writing talent and that too at the cheapest cost.

IT Support

IT support is the technical Support offered by our IT experts to the companies and authorities. Following Rural Outsourcing Pattern, we provide varieties of IT support and IT Management services which includes the following services:

IT Rural Outsourcing:

Every Organization has its own IT network and process which are not their core activities. A lot from their core activities. Through Rural Outsourcing platform we provide the best in class IT support to help you focus on your strengths.

You will save time and money on a process that would otherwise be too hectic and time taking if performed within the organization

Our services are the bundle of the best practices across the Industry

Our Advantages:

  • Dedicated subject experts
  • Domain knowledge
  • Quality work
  • 24/7 Support across the globe
  • We can offer testing services at a fraction of the cost it is in most other parts of the world

Website Management

Through Rural Outsourcing we are helping companies in

Rural Outsourcing of Crowd Sourcing and Testing:

 We help companies in gaining online traffic for their business. We apply different inhouse frameworks to do so. These frameworks are also useful to identify performance bottlenecks in high hit-rate Web sites. Through Rural Outsourcing model we have fresh team with new ideas in this internet world

Within our Rural Outsourcing model, we also have a close eye on the industry trends and the best practices across the Globe.

   Search Engine Optimization

  • Our SEO team will conduct both ON page as well as OFF page techniques on a daily basis
  • We will also provide Page referrals.
  • Page Interlinking is also one of the major aspects under SEO and keeping that in mind, our team focus on all the articles and pages that come out of the same theme.
  • SEO will also include many other important aspects such as (META TAGS, META DESCRIPTION, SEO TITLES, TAGS) which can help to increase the traffic on the website.

Social Media Optimization

  • Under SMO, we have dedicated pipelines to brand, promote, publicize the website/page on social media, especially by encouraging the sharing of content that can attract large volume of people.
  • Promotion over all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest will be kept under regular monitoring.
  • When it comes to twitter, we categorize the pages and try to post them in such a way that they can relate to the latest trending topic on twitter.

Rural Outsourcing Centre:

Our First Rural Outsourcing centre is built at Bijua Village in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh