Career Counselling

We have strategies for dealing separately with parents, students, working individuals as well as returning professionals.

Company Profiling

Detailed company profiling is a speciality of our firm. We provide in depth knowledge of the relevant information that benefits people wishing to associate themselves with said business houses.

IQ Boosting

This analysis involves going through the methods employed by the company in its crux area, i.e. , the testing and counselling methods used. We also point out discrepancies in modern trends and those followed by the company in this area, for nothing makes or breaks a business like a bad business plan.

Training And Development

We, at 5Dots, aim at making it easier to bring these Training and Development experts, whose job is parallel to doing charity, to potential clients.

Transport And Logistics

We at 5Dots help our customers in this field expand their company to many more previously unreached avenues, using existing inventory.

Travel And Toursim

We are involved in providing solutions to companies working in this field based on their specific requirements as well as the general flow and need of the sector. Travel logistics involves studying the company profile based on the services they provide as well as helping them grow in their field of work.
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